It all started when...

NW1 Consulting is the New Zealand local partner for 3Vision, the leading international broadcasting content consultancy. 3Vision is a leading content consultancy and part of the 3Vision Group.

Our work covers all types of TV platforms (including satellite, cable, IPTV, OTT and mobile operators) as well as with TV channels and content owners.

Our clients include many leading media players such as Canal+, Discovery, Telenet, TeliaSonera, Microsoft, BBC Worldwide, Vectra, Red Bull and MTV. But we don’t just help the big players, we also work with smaller companies and start-ups to help them make their mark in this complex and competitive industry.

3Vision also helps organisations operating TV services in specialty markets – such as hotels, universities and hospitals. We also guide technology companies, like Siemens, Rovi, Irdeto and Alcatel Lucent, through the content world.

The 3Vision offering is unique:

–            We help you develop and implement a winning content strategy.

–            We have experience. Whatever content challenge you are facing we have probably already overcome it before, so we can help you overcome it faster.

–            We have a massive network of industry contacts. We won’t hesitate to use our contacts to help you achieve your goals.

–            We specialise in the TV of the future. We can help you make VOD, IPTV, Connected/Smart TV and online video services a profitable reality.

Our sister company in the 3Vision Group, 3Vision Distribution, can also help you build your content business. 3Vision Distribution specializes in international channel distribution.